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Why A Swap?

I often have clothing I no longer wear and struggle with what to do with it. I never mind donating things to resellers, but have read so many accounts over the years of clothing that gets donated being thrown away. Somehow between consumers and businesses, in the U. S. alone, we dispose of 15 million tons of clothing waste a year. Most of which is synthetic and synthetic fibers take 100s of years to decompose. Only 15% of consumer pre-used clothing is recycled or reused, the rest of what we give away ends up in a landfill.     So, let's buy less, buy recycled, buy natural fibers AND on Sunday, SWAP what we don’t want anymore for something someone else has...

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Many Problems: Even more Solutions

The end of my read of Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline was exactly what I was hoping: a personal story of Cline's journey towards a conscious or "slow" fashion closet.  She lays out how she and others have changed their purchasing, clean-out and mending practices to improve the impact they were personally making with their clothing.   The Solutions: 1. Altering your own clothes - For so many years now we have worn clothing straight off the rack, no one notices or thinks twice about pieces that don't fit them well.  In previous generations, everyone altered clothes, guaranteeing that they would be cut and shaped to fit their body type.  When we take clothes to Salvation Army only 15% of those pieces get resold, the rest...

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Overdressed on Overproduction

At this point we all know well that the garment industry as it currently exists is largely about pumping out quantity (at varying levels of quality) cheap and fast.   As I continued reading Overdressed, Cline spends a significant portion of the book retelling her travels and experiences visiting both factories and middle men in a variety of countries.  What is so interesting is that she has no access to the sweat shops or buildings with poor working conditions, the factories that she visits are for the most part positive workplaces that are at least (from the worker's perspective) supplying their worker's needs.   I loved this portion of the book because it reveals just how complicated the whole situation is.  Here are some of...

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Overdressed on Overconsuming

I constantly look at photos on my instagram feed or Pinterest of adorable outfits that I would love to own or wear.  LiketoKnowIt has me drooling over the outfit of the moment, a quick browse on ASOS or Zara fills my cart with at least 10 items for some impressively low price.   I know fast fashion is dangerous, I educate people all the time on where our clothing comes from and how that needs to change, but do I really step back to accept the fact that I am fully entrenched in this crazy cycle. Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline is a thorough and indepth look at how the clothing industry has changed, how we arrived at fast fashion and how deeply the change...

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Styled; Delicate Layers

More and more we're turning to delicate gold jewelry to style an outfit. We've kept it simple for everyday, putting a delicate gold chain with a tank, or using multiple necklaces for dress up.  There's just something about it that looks effortless and simple while still being  beautiful.  Some of our favorites: Kendall Bar Necklace, Nimet Necklace, and the Mimi Stacking Rings.  And a new one, Lotta Tiny Tube Necklace.      

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