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Introducing; Tiklari

As soon as we saw the gorgeous designs of Tiklari's Karla Diaz Cano, we fell in love. Knowing that the artisans are fairly paid, with special consideration to preserving traditional hand-making techniques, we were sold. 

Karla works closely with the makers around the world. We were able to speak with her on the phone in between her trips and it was fantastic to hear directly more about the work that she does and the design process.



 "Our mission is to help preserve traditional hand-making techniques that have been used by artisans from different cultures around the world for hundreds of years. We don't only source items around the globe; we work closely and collaborate with artisans to create items that reflect a fusion of ideas - old and new, modern and traditional. We believe the handmade is a work of art, and we aim to celebrate it as a form of self-expression and a way to preserve cultural heritage."

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