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Volunteer Spotlight: Molly

This week’s #RouteSpotlight is Molly Rolan! She loves interacting with the customers and learning about why they choose to shop at Route.

Route: "Should people concern themselves with ethically produced and sustainable products?"

M: “I do think it is very important because I don't think most people even think about where their products come from or how they were made. I also believe that when most people hear fair trade or sustainable products they think they are too expensive or out of reach when in fact that is far from the truth.”

In 2005, Molly was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and ever since has been raising awareness and working with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Her favorite places in Columbia are the wide variety of brunch spots (Umbria, Café Berlin, and Uprise Bakery to name a few), but the coolest places she’s ever been was a medina (market) in Morocco!

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