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Meet Frannie

We are having so much fun buying and trying clothing.  We play dress up ALL the TIME at Route, and Frannie is our partner in crime.  A busty size 10, she is the real woman.  In an attempt to find the cutest, best priced, most fashion forward pieces, poor Frannie gets dressed and undressed ALOT, and she is very picky about her fashion choices.   We've gathered and sold some really exciting, well-cut designs over the last 8 months.  Our customers (you) have been so faithful to give us feedback and we are thrilled to help add beautiful, well fitting (because it's so important to feel good in what you wear), reasonably-priced, ethically made clothing.   In the process, we have...

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Maker Story: Sonya

Greenola Style shared with us a story of one of their makers, Sonya:  "Sonya, from our Tikas Women's Cooperative,Tikas, is one of our newest cooperatives that we helped form. We first met Sonya, her sister Vasilia, and Beatrice (all pictured in the team shot on the left, below) through a Catholic organization in Bolivia. At the time they were handcrafting greeting cards in which they sold in local communities without great success. After much relationship building and understanding their needs and personal goals, we learned that all their husbands work quite hard to support their families but were still struggling with the financial demands. These three women needed to work, but were finding it hard to balance finding work and...

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Tonle: Eco-friendly meets Socially Conscious

Almost a year ago I texted some friends and ask them to help me hunt for clothing that was ethically sourced, we were really wanting to see pieces that were classic, well priced and were easily styled with other simple, functional pieces that we already owned.   Minutes later my friend Kate texted me this photo from an Instagram post and I did a happy dance!   After spending time reading about Tonle and Rachel Faller, their fearless leader, we were so excited to reach out, learn more about their work and goals and bring their clothing into our product selection. Tonle works in Cambodia with small groups of weavers to supply their fabric and carefully trains their tailor's to create their...

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Ethically Styled: Maera Dress

We love the idea of outfits.  For us, the ideal every day ensemble is both sophisticated and comfortable.  Jessica and I work closely together, we are busy, we run around, frequently walk instead of drive, and I always have my boys around with their mess.  What we wear has to work for our lifestyle and make us feel like we look good, or at least give the illusion that we tried when got up that morning! Here Rachel is modeling our Maera dress by Tonle in Plum.  This simple shift dress is made of a lovely lightweight recycled rayon.  We love these dresses that you can throw on with boots, layer jewelry, and go. And it has pockets... We have paired...

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